Corporate Statement
               Approach life in a practical and down-to-earth manner. Set a clear course of action and work towards self-transcendence。            

Our Mission
               To find happiness in life            

Core Values
               Integrity, focus, communication, and growth            


               As the Chinese saying goes, “Honesty is most important among all virtues, and all businesses should be based on trust”. Together, honesty and trustworthiness give rise to integrity, which is the very foundation that Orenda is built on. Orenda believes in being sincere to each and every one of its clients. It is committed to providing all clients with effective solutions, and to honor all promises made to them. Only then can Orenda establish a win-win relationship with its clients, which is based on equality.


Focus is the essence of Orenda’s work attitude - focus on the business we run, focus on the clients we serve and focus on our professions. Focus is Orenda’s spirit, the power to concentrate on doing one thing well, to persevere, and to never give up before reaching the goal.


Successful companies must have an efficient communication network and the strength of a team lies in unity. We expect all our staff to adopt an open attitude and engage in sincere communication. Only then can we eliminate information silos and can emphasize on information sharing.


Orenda is committed to building a learning organization. The company creates a broad-based learning environment, which is founded on the company's rich experiences in good management practices. We strive to achieve continuous innovation in corporate management so as to create stimulating but enjoyable work environments for our employees, which will motivate them towards constant improvement and higher personal standards.

Brand Concept
Common topic of interest, Common area of interest, Co-creation, Sharing and co-existence

Common topic of interest

Groups of people with similar life experiences and interests gather together, either online or in person, to discuss and share.

Common area of interest

Through engaging in conversations on common topics of interests, our members find common interests and this in turn generates habitual actions. Social circles with high degree of cohesion are then formed among the like-minded.


Within these social circles, our members set common dreams and goals, and work towards achieving these collectively within their settlement social circles, hence giving rise to collective creativity and ability to put ideas into reality.


The fruits of co-creation (both spiritual and material end gains) are then shared among the members, and hence the fruits of the common dreams are co-owned.


Through engaging in conversations in common topics of interests, participating in activities in common areas of interests, co-creating and eventually sharing the fruits of labor, members within each social circle form strong bonds and trusts. Every member within the circle is comfortable with showing their true selves, and in time, will be able identify with who they really are and recognize his/her own true needs, and seek to satisfy them.

Our service philosophy
Start with demand and end with satisfaction

Service encompasses all areas, and all services that Orenda provides stem from our customers’ needs. Good service begins with proactivity and sincerity. Excellent service is the key to corporate survival and development, as well as to increase corporate efficiency. We strive to understand our customers’ needs and then give them beyond what they request. The result is highly satisfied customers.

Cultural landscape

“Clouds on Your feet”

From April 11, 2018, on the 20th anniversary of Orenda’s founding, all Orenda’s employees will embark on a monthly “Clouds on Your Feet” activity to celebrate this wonderful land and the people who created it.

“Clouds on Your Feet” is a walk during which the participants do “walking + meditation”. This “1 + 1 mode” of walking allows everyone to take a stroll in silence amidst the wonderful nature, and thereby find personal peace and rediscover himself or herself.

Over the past twenty years, Orenda has morphed from a green and shy caterpillar to a splendid, fully matured butterfly. Our settlements have likewise blossomed from being simply pretty to becoming wonderful.

What is most beautiful about this journey isn’t the number of magnificent sceneries we come to behold. It is how have we gathered an increasing number of people with the same dream, and how we mirrored and resonated amongst us. We give thanks, we appreciate, we give, we hug and we say thank you; we are companions in this journey and we will go forth hand-in-hand.

As our founder, Mr. Xiang Shui says “Take each step steadily with your feet, as each step is a moment for you to find a better self. Over the past 20 years, we held fast to and are firmly guided by our corporate philosophy, which is: to approach life in a practical and down-to-earth manner, set a clear course of action and work towards self-transcendence, and find life’s true value! We should hold universal love in our hearts, and love ourselves, love others and love the society.

We hope that all those who embark on this journey with Orenda will hold fast to this belief that we started off with, and together, create better health and a better future.


Tai-Chi Culture Month

Orenda holds physical and mental wellness at its core, and strives to create a holistic health system comprising prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. This system has been touted by Minister Wang Longde, Professor Li Jian'an and Professor Li Ling as the perfect model of physical and medical integration. Since 2014, Orenda has made the May of every year its Tai-Chi Culture Month.

This event serves to remind people to look beyond physical health, and to create a harmonious way of living by co-existing with nature, society, and others, and to relate to God on a emotional, physical and spiritual level. This is the source of health and happiness that the Orenda culture advocates.