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Orenda Corporate College in the plans

The Orenda Corporate College will serve as the Orenda’s talent-training base for all its industries, and promote corporate culture.

Strategic development goals


         To develop and establish an effective talent-training and development system based on Orenda’s strategic 9-year, 100-town development plan, which can fully support the growth and development of the Orenda Group, as well as the implementation of Orenda’s organization development and talent development plans. The college will give Orenda core competitiveness in terms of succession training and talent development.


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Overview of Orenda’s talent development program


Talent Idea, Virtue and Talent



Talents are the most valuable resource of the Orlanda tribe. The combination of virtue and talent requires both good moral character and working ability and ability. Orlanda tribe cultivates talents, provides sufficient growth space for plastic talents, lets high-quality talents play a greater role in the process of enterprise development, puts the right people in the right place, lets them play their greatest potential, and creates the future for the growth of employees.            


The Orlanda tribe attaches great importance to talents and abilities, is diligent, rigorous and devoted, insists on equal treatment in the employment of personnel and uses them according to their abilities. It is committed to providing every employee with a stage of growth and creating equal opportunities for development. It encourages employees to realize their life value in the Orlanda tribe through diligent learning and fair competition and through different career paths.            


Man is the focus of management. Orlanda tribe's systems and mechanisms should focus on people, respect and stimulate people's subjective initiative, fully tap the potential of people, do everything carefully and practically, and pursue high efficiency and efficiency, so as to achieve the best of people's abilities.            


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