More than a hundred different dreams settlements to cater to everyone’s interest

Orenda leaves you spoilt for choices with more than a hundred dream settlements, from the Flower Enthusiast Club, Drama Club, Wine Club, Football Club, Pastures Dance Club, Oil Painting Club, Golf Club, Flying Club, Choir Club, Family Fun Club, Cycling Club, Outdoor Exploration Club, Cyclist Union, to Skiing Club. These settlements may be broadly categorized into three main categories, namely, "Organic Health, Art Appreciation, and Religion and Love" and are based on Orenda’s five basic concepts of "Common topic of interest, Common area of interest, Co-creation, Sharing, and Co-existence”. They offer Orenda members from all over the world the platforms on which to improve their health and to pursue their happiness and dreams.

At the same time, as members of the same circle hold a common dream, they imbue that settlement’s culture and spirit into co-created products, which will bear characteristics that are unique to the culture of each settlement. Through these products the lifestyle and values advocated by Orenda are spread to more people. With the establishment of settlement co-creation centers, the products and culture from each Orenda settlement will shape the core culture industry in each town. This then gives rise to sustainable cultural creativity, which will support localization and management of the settlement over long term.

Orenda Flower Enthusiast Club

The club was founded in 2009 and is led by “Hutu” (the Confused). Senior members, including Ma Xiaomei, Liu Suping, Ling Lan, Luwika, Wen Yang and Jane Bai take pride in connecting and communicating with the plants and the land at a spiritual level. Members of this club are constantly creating and sharing new ways to grow and maintain gardens and to create beautiful living spaces. Each year, members of the Flower Enthusiast Club organizes the “Most Beautiful Garden” contest, Potato Harvest Festival and other self-initiated events. They also hold gardening classes, floral exhibitions, and other settlement activities. In the process, not only do they find spiritual fulfillment, they also exemplify the Orenda healthy and happy lifestyle through various aspects such as nature, humanities and the arts, hence motivating more settlement members to choose the artistic way of life.

Orenda Drama Club

The Orenda Drama Club was founded in 2010 by Xu Songzi, a famous film, television and stage director and actress. Xu has been leading the club as its chairperson since its establishment eight years ago. Under her guidance, the club comprising mainly amateurs who share a simple, burning passion for acting, gave more than ten successful public performances in large theatres in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, etc. In 2011, the club performed LevTolstoy’s work "Resurrection", which was adapted for the theater for the first time, at Beijing Poly Theater, and was the first community drama to be staged in a national-level theater. In 2015, the club performed the classic plays "Thunderstorm" and "Sunrise" at Beijing Century Theater. In 2017, the club staged numerous dramas, including "Thunderstorm", "Sunrise", "Wilderness", "The Last Night of Jin Daban", "Miss Julie", and "The Lady Returned Home", in commemoration of the 110th anniversary of Chinese Drama. The group toured Edmonton and Calgary in Canada in October 2017 and May 2018, and presented classic plays such as "Resurrection", "Thunderstorm", "Wilderness", and "The Lady Returned Home ".

Orenda Impressionistic Dance Company

The Orenda Impressionistic Dance Company was founded in 2013 and has been led by Liu Xiaoli. The Company grew steadily over the past five years, and has since become the largest dance company in the Orenda family, boasting members of all ages. In 2016 and 2017, their self-produced and self-directed original musicals “Orenda Impression 1” and “Orenda Impression 2” were big hits with the Orenda family. The dance company also wrote musicals, dance dramas and many other forms of visual presentations, adding more dimensions and greater cultural depth to the art of dance. Through their art and passion, members of the company spread the message of Orenda’s healthy and happy lifestyle to a wider audience.

Orenda Birch Forest Literature and Art Society

Founded in 2013, the Orenda Birch Forest Literature and Art Society is currently led by Li Peng. Its members comprise a group of settlement dwellers who have studied or worked in Russia and the former Soviet Union, or who has deep sentiments for the Soviet Union. For the past five years, they have put up numerous performances in Orenda theatres, performing various self-written and self-directed works with rich Russian cultural elements. These include the romantic “White Birch Caprice”, the beautiful classic “Swan Lake”, the deeply passionate “Hawthorne Tree”, the magical “Dream Ballet – The Night of the White Birch” and other beautiful and moving dance productions.

The group has planted the love for the Russian culture deep within the land of the Orenda settlements. In August 2016, they put up Jackson Hole’s first ballet performance – “Dream Ballet – The Night of the White Birch”. In September 2017, the Birch Forest Literature and Art Society presented “Beautiful Life - Charming Ballet” for the settlement dwellers at a themed event. In the same month, they brought the same production to the Wuyun Mountains and performed at a ballet event there, hence adding more excitement and variety to the society.

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Orenda Pastures Dance Company

The Orenda Pastures Dance Company was founded in 2013 by a group of dance enthusiasts led by Saren Gaowa. The group aims to explore the truths of life in their dances, and to pursue their dreams and happiness. The Pasture Dance Company’s motto is “Health, Happiness, Unity and Harmony” and advocates optimism, being proactive, unity and mutual support, democratic discussion, mutual respect, celebrating differences while seeking common goals, tolerance and sincerity, as well as diligence and simplicity in their group culture and attitude towards life. Through dance practices and performances, members of the group are able to get suitable exercise to enhance their physical fitness, increase interaction and forge friendships with other settlement dwellers, have an active settlement life, upgrade their dance skills, continuously work towards raising the prestige of the Jackson Hole community, and contribute towards the building a happy, harmonious, beautiful, livable, environmentally-friendly Jackson Hole that radiates happiness. Since its founding, the group has given more than 20 performances at art festivals and their own productions. They have been invited to participate in a Sino-Taiwan cultural exchange program and was awarded second prize. The dance company also organized as series of activities in the first “Tai-chi Dance Festival”, as well as the Orenda Ethnic Minority Festival “Dance Jackson Hole – Dance Dream Folk Dance Exchange Festival”. The dance company was also invited by the Daguan County government in Zhaotong City, Yunan to participate in the Miao Ethnic Group Flower Mountain Festival. Today, the Pastures Dance Company has become one of the representative groups in Orenda.

Orenda Oil Painting Club

The Orenda Oil Painting Club was founded in 2014 and is led by Gao Zi. The club comprises a group of "village oil painters" with strong passion for the art. The group seeks to express their deepest sentiments using carefully chosen combinations of oil colors and perspectives. Each work of art is a unique reflection of the artist aesthetic style and view of life. Over the past 4 years, the group has held ten art exhibitions, which included over a thousand oil paintings. They enthusiasm and commitment have inspired more and more settlement members to embark on Orenda’s artistic way of life.

Orenda Soccer Club

The Orenda Soccer Club was founded in 2014. The club comprises solely of members and owners of Orenda. The captain of the club, Wu Gang, is a former Chinese national football team coach and former Beijing Guoan football team head coach, while Beijing Institute of Technology professor, Jin Zhiyang, serves as the main coach. The team has since been invited to participate in the "Lezhi Cup" and the "East Coast Tri-state Invitational Cup" and other competitions. The club also hosted the "Orenda Cup" and invited more than ten soccer teams to participate. In 2017, Orenda Soccer Club hosted the "Psychosomatic Health Cup", a Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei five-a-side U10 Football Invitational Tournament, to promote soccer to the youths. This club of young-at-heart soccer “boys” is committed to the never-ending pursuit of health and happiness. And while living out their passion, they bring happiness and joy to others.

Orenda Badminton Club

The Orenda Badminton Club was founding in 2014, and since then, it has participated in various badminton competitions such as the “Growth Cup” and “Wellness Cup”, as well as friendly matches with the Beijing University Union Team, Social Enterprise Union Team and the News and Media Union Team.

In 2017, members of the club participated in competitions at the National Sports General Administration Training Bureau and the National Badminton Team Training Center alongside Olympic champion, Lin Dan. The Orenda Badminton Club believes strongly in the relationship between sports and health, and strives to promote the Orenda health culture, so as to bring health and happiness to more Orenda members.

Orenda Parent-child Club

The Orenda Family Fun Club was founded in 2014, and its members comprise Orenda members and their children. The club aims to develop curiosity and love for nature in children, and help them connect with nature. The club organizes activities that help children build social skills, hands-on ability, team spirit and mental strength. The Jackson Hole Family Fun Club offers a diverse range of activities, including scout camps, care initiatives, carpentry class, and parent-and-child classes, for youths aged between 5 to 14 years old. The club aims to help the child build a happy, independent childhood filled with friendship.

Orenda Choir

The Orenda Choir was founded in 2015 and is led by Li Tongguo, a famous conductor and a former Central Orchestra tenor. The Orenda Choir has touched many audiences with their passion for the art and their songs, which express their reflections on life and their deepest emotions. They have performed on many stages, serenading audiences with beautiful pieces such as the "Tribute to the Red Flag", "The Crescent Rises", "TheEverest", "Bless our Motherland", "Grassland - My Beautiful Home", "Heavenly Path", "Which Side of the Forest". The choir’s dream is to perform in Vienna together, and present their talent on the world stage.

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