Global town life, where happiness is at your fingertips

The Orenda Global Town Life is a life service brand created by the Orenda, which is dedicated to providing the world’s most affluent people with professional, integrated lifestyle solutions based on holidays in themed resorts. Its core businesses include leisure vacation in small towns, rehabilitation vacation in small towns, specialty commodities from small towns, co-creation of small town assets, and small town property co-owning schemes, etc. We believe that life can be simple to be wonderful. In this ever-busy world, we hope to improve the lives of our members with our profession, passion and commitment towards creating happy lives.


Professional Guidance

Specialized TO will serve as your fulltime guide; instruction provided by field experts; quality service you can trust.

Tour the world

Close to a hundred themed towns distributed over multiple countries and regions, integrating a multitude of services.

Elite Network

Expand your social network as you take member-exclusive trips to neighboring countries; we connect the elites worldwide; our high entry threshold will ensure that you build just the network you need.

World-class resource allocation and global partners

Orenda’s “Global Town Life” high-end, integrated lifestyle service platform holds world-class top resources that few can parallel. We have suppliers from many countries and regions from the world, including Relais& Châteaux, Nescens Clinique de Genolier, Swiss Humanitas and Swiss Domaine du Daley, Genenes AG, and the Swiss National Tourist Office. We will continue to expand and develop our international resources,so as to provideour members with the very best and most comprehensive services.


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