Orenda’s Resort Industry

The Orenda settlements combine leisure and holiday, five-star hotels, dining, extreme sports and family bonding activities into unique high-end packages. Orenda settlements are peaceful havens in which one can appreciate the finer things in life. As the leader of the industry, Orenda focuses on the big picture, rather than on a small entity. Orenda is a brand, a happiness system and a spiritual space. It brings people together in settlements, and helps its members resolve potential mental and physical problems, and advocates finer living and happiness. At Orenda settlements, people find a sense of belonging. Many feel that they have changed after spending a peaceful day there.

  • 住·在奥伦达部落

    Living in Orenda
    Tetong Hotel
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      The Tetong Hotel is the epitome of exoticness, transforming the entire area into the American old west. Its grand wooden beams standing against crystal clear waters and the bright blue sky promises to take your breath away. As you enter its palace-like lobby, you will be immediately greeted by pleasant fragrance from the fresh flowers that adorn the lobby and soothing light music. The hotel staff will be upon you in no time offering warm greetings and light refreshments, and your weariness from the journey instantly vanishes.

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      During your visit here, you will awake to the sound of church bells, and gentle sunlight streaming through your curtains. As you stand on your balcony, you will be awed by the sea of endless greenery laid before you. Time comes to standstill amidst the fresh mountain air. Besides having “Bejing’s Highest Open-air Swimming Pool”, the hotel is also applauded for its attention to furnishing details in its guest rooms. From the wooden planks lining the walls next to the fireplace, cobblestone-textured carpet, inviting sofas with simple and clean lines, to retro-style wardrobes and desks, the interior design adds just the right touch of modernism. Tetong Hotel is the first five-star, membership-based, Midwest style boutique hotel in Beijing.

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      As the birthplace of a happy life, it draws a diverse group of people seeking happiness and dreams in their lives. The hotel’s service is guided by the principle of embracing and realizing happiness, so as to achieve the happy lifestyle concept advocated by Orenda. Tetong Hotel embodies organic health, respect for the arts, religion and love in its core values, and revolutionizes hotel management and operation, creating a new Orenda service concept. The hotel integrates western architectural style with characteristic care-based service concept. Each of our guests will eventually become a happiness ambassador himself or herself, spreading and sharing happiness, so that more people can appreciate the fine and happy life that Tetong Hotel has to offer.

    Yunding Hotel
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      Set amidst the scenic Wuyun Mountain, south of Shangjie District in Zhengzhou City, the hotel is easily accessible. Yunding hotel flaunts an Italian Tuscan architecture, and perches on the slopes of a 588-meter high mountain. Guests are spoilt for choice by 18 stand-alone villas, 4 restaurants, 3 conference rooms, and 7 large supporting attractions. This integrated resort hotel features mountain sports, scenic nature tours and mountain living experiences, and offers group tours, sightseeing, rehabilitation, leisure and entertainment under one roof. Here, guests can expect to focus on their health, exercise, experience healthy living and simply have a wonderful holiday.

    RV campsite
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      Driven by your yearning for the land far away, you briefly leave behind your current stable and mundane life, gather your loved ones into a caravan and embark on a journey to seek utopia. Is this your dream? If so, you are among many others who seek this adventure. Living in a mobile home as you cruise under the stars with sea breeze in your hair, no five-star hotel comes close to offering this experience.

      Haituo has a campsite dedicated to provide you with this “on-the-road” holiday experience. Here lies the largest RV park in China. In the middle of the valley, on the luscious green pastures, simply roll down your windows and you can almost touch the stars.

    • town1_03_02.jpg

      The Haituo RV Campsite holds 112 caravan parking stalls; 100 of them hold caravan hotels and 12 are free caravan stalls. The place offers everything you need from camping sites, to replenishment zones, restaurants, supermarkets, and playgrounds. Each caravan hotel is designed with a different theme, including cartoons, sports, retro, and family-friendly styles. Our boutique caravans promise to bring you across time and space, to the whimsical world of Hayao Miyazaki or to the Old Shanghai in the 1930s. What’s a camp without wild outdoor activities? Haituo RV Campsite holds regular masquerades, themed parties, magic shows and other festive activities and celebrations. Open your door and you can join in the fun and let your hair loose. Or you can choose to be a spectator in the caravan and watch the revelers party and have fun, and let yourself be immersed in this happiness as you drift off to dreamland. 

    Lucca Country Hotel
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      Originally built in 2007, the Lucca Country Hotel boasts an Italian country style with its charming wooden brick and concrete structure. Its lobby exudes a simple and rustic style, while its outdoor terrace boasts a panoramic view of the majestic mountains and lush green golf course. The magnificent sceneries at the peak promises to take your breath away. With a constant supply of freshest vegetables from the ecological agricultural farms on Wuyun Mountain, the Luka Country Hotel will entice your palettes with a range of green dining options, farmhouse delicacies and dishes made from wild vegetables gathered from the nearby mountains. The hotel also offers more than 10 elegant, fully furnished cabin suites built completely of wood. The interiors of the suites are decorated with a rich, rustic Tuscany style.

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    Eat in Orenda
    The Réve
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      Ahigh-class French restaurant in Orenda Jackson hole – Orenda, The Réve, French Cuisine.This unobtrusive and elegant restaurant located amidst the blossoms of Orenda Jackson hole can easily establish itself among the top first-class French restaurants in the world. Fine dining, fine wine and fine arts are precisely what the restaurant has to offer in its exquisitely created cuisines.

      As you walk in to the restaurant, you will immediately immerse in its warm, romantic, and elegant ambience. The charming lights coupled with sparkling crystal glasses and colorful dinning ware entice you with unrestrained French passion. You can't help but fall in love with its contemporariness and elegance.

    • town1_01_07.jpg

      The Réve offers Michelin-class classic French cuisine with a touch of creativity characteristic of modern French dining. Gourmets are amazed by this unique masterpiece of culinary art, which like its name, encompasses beauty and romance...

      The Réve also offers customized cooking. We will spoil your palette with valuable ingredients that we painstakingly gather from all over the world, and then create the most wonderful dishes based on your preferences and our Chef’s recommendations as you order them!

    Wine and Grill
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      This stylish Wine and Grill exudes the charm of high-class European grills. Soft, warm lights, light coffee-colored leather chairs and deep mahogany European dining tables exude a warm, welcoming charm. Its 8-meter high ceiling and large chandeliers cascading downwards from its wooden beams calls to mind 18th century manor castles. The perfect lighting scheme made possible by crystal chandeliers and strategically placed spotlights hold diners spellbound in a myriad of colors.

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      Besides the breathtaking decoration, you will also be swooned by a wide variety of mouth-watering cuisines, from char-grilled Tomahawk steaks, Orenda Supreme Burger to grilled seafood platters, which are delicious as they are pleasing to behold. The bar only uses the finest imported ingredients and the secret BBQ sauce created specially by its chef. Are you already looking forward to this gastronomical treat?

      Another feature of the Wine and Grill is its exuberant happy hours with exciting live bands and a wide selection of beers and western town cocktails. Let your hair down and immerse in its unrestrained and passionate ambience!

    Universal Restaurant
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      The Universal Restaurant on the second floor of the Tetong Hotel offers an authentic American dining experience, featuring delicately and artistically created specialty cuisines. We bring together the finest ingredients and highest culinary art to create international cuisines to entice your palettes.

      Each week, the Universal Restaurant offers a new menu comprising over 200 items for its international buffet, bringing you the delicacies from all parts of the world. We are the trendsetter in Beijing’s hotel industry, and our buffet promises to be more than worth its price.

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      We also offer private VIP rooms, customized services, and modern Cantonese cuisines for your private functions or gathering with family or friends.

  • 娱·在奥伦达部落

    Entertainment in Orenda
    Rose Manor
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      The Rose Manor has the perfect geographical location and orientation in terms of Feng Shui (Chinese Geomancy) – “sitting at the North and facing south” and amidst abundance of free flowing wind and water. What’s more, undulating mountains are visible from afar, one standing before another, with each peak rising higher and higher above the ground, is especially auspicious. Before its entrance lays a low-lying mountain - according to Feng Shui principles, it serves as a “table mountain” that enables wind and Qi (or positive energy) to be accumulated and will bring accomplishments and wealth to the occupants. There is a saying in Feng Shui study that goes “reach out and touch the table mountain, and money will accumulate in tens of thousands”. If you observe from above, the entire manor has been laid out in the shape of a gigantic rose, with the trails representing the sprigs, green plants depicting the leaves, and the large sea of roses forming the petals. Visitors strolling in the manor will appear as bees amidst a sea of the freshest blossoms.

    1473 Cafe
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      When Haituo Valley 2022 Standing Bar is in the plans, Thomas decided to drop by for a visit and was immediately awed by the environment here. He then decided to immerse himself into this wondrous landscape, and build his dream café at the peak of the mountain1470m above sea level.

    • town1_03_09.jpg

      1473 café got its name from the number 1473, whereby 1473 = 1470 meters above sea level + 1 meter of sunshine + 1 meter of longing + 1 meter of passion. To get here, there are no shortcuts and no means of transportation. This means you can only rely on your two feet, in order to taste the coffee that is brewed at the highest point in Beijing. Don’t expect to find your daily fare here… the Menu 1473 café have been specially designed for the heroes who rise above the mundane.

    Children's library
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      The Children’s Library is a charming little glass house that admits only children and the brilliant sunshine. No matter how young-at-heart you may be, you can only wait outside if you’re an adult. While the children find their fairytale lands amongst the books within, you can’t help but admire how fairytale like the setting is.

    • town1_03_11.jpg

      Towering bookshelves in the library are the mountains within this magical glass kingdom, while at the same time creating a maze in this children's wonderland. Thousands of children's books from all over the world, covering an all-encompassing range of subjects, may be found here. Here, you’ll get to enjoy some quiet parent-child reading time, or engage in some crafts for quality bonding. Every holiday, the library organizes a variety of activities for children to provide quality parent-child bonding experiences.

    Black Pine Forest Cycling Club
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      A thousand-hectare black pine forest lies behind the club, and before it lays the Flower Sea Cycling Track. The designer, a cycling enthusiasts himself, draws his inspiration for this café from his own stories and the legends of Haituo valley. In this charming café where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee lingers in the air, you get to while your time away on a sunny holiday, with a cup of rich Haituo flavor in your hand, while listening to interesting tales from cycling adventures in Haituo.

    Shared Farms
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      The Haituo Shared Farms are not so much a way to promote back-to-nature lifestyle, but rather, they provide an alternative, concurrent lifestyle. The pastures and farmlands here do not contradict or exclude city life. Hence, there is no need for you to choose between the two. The city and the countryside exist symbiotically. 10-mu (1.64 acres) of fertile land in Haituo Valley has been divided equally into 7 different farms, and each farm is further divided into 3 equal areas. Each area houses a small group comprising 7 to 9 families. Every group is responsible for a plot of land of about 300 square meters, and will cultivate crops according to the seasons, usually sowing seeds in spring and harvesting in autumn.