The dreams of Liu Xiangyang

As I travel around giving lectures, I have often been asked this question by many successful people - “What is Happiness?” I am merely a practitioner of happiness and not an authority on the subject, but I am happy to share some of my insights with everyone. Firstly, “wealth” is not “well”, and neither is it “happiness”. This is a common understanding that all pursuers of happiness have. My philosophy for happiness is a simple one… and it is “Love”. Love is the source of all happiness. Love is the most fundamental instinct of mankind. Love is getting together with a group of likeminded people, exploring what is our true nature, and work towards creating and sharing. It is about embarking on a new path in our life’s journey through healthy living, religion, being inspired by the arts and the spreading of love. It opens up the doorway to a more carefree life, and lets us choose to live the way we want, and to seek the true happiness that is unique to each of us.

When successful people in my audiences get to know that I am also a businessman, they will ask me “What exactly are the Orenda settlements that you advocate?” I will tell them with a smile that “They are where you go to solve your problems”… The original idea behind the creation of Orenda settlements is very simple and pure, which is to share this way of achieving happiness, so that all those who search relentless for happiness can come to know of it. When they put it into action, they will eventually be able to find the happiness of which they seek. We should all know how to love ourselves, and to free up our souls. We should appreciate freedom and a truly healthy way of living. On top of that, people should learn to listen, listen to their own voices, and to the deepest feelings of those around them. All these philosophies of true living are what Orenda strives to put in practice. In the Orenda settlements, we strive to create safe spaces for the residents to free their minds. We seek to spread a new way of happiness, diversified life experiences, and a way of life that is truly suited to each individual. Human beings have the right to pursue happiness and to appreciate their self-worth. For the true seekers of happiness and dreams, Orenda settlements are the platforms on which you can create and realize your dreams and happiness.

-Mr. Liu Xiangyang, Founder of Orenda