Orenda was awarded the "2018 Overseas Most Creative Chinese Brand" by China Central Television (CCTV).
Sorehsa AG, a Swiss company of which Orenda is a shareholder, introduced China to Medical Training Therapy (MTT) and the AIRS International Rehabilitation Standards. The opening of the world’s first Psychosomatic Health (Medical) Museum in Orenda Jackson hole marks Orenda’s formal entry into the healthcare industry.
Orenda built a variety of small towns in various parts of China, each with its unique character and specialties. Today, Orenda towns may be found in Xinmiyutang in Zhangzhou, Chongming Island in Shanghai, Mount Luofu in Huizhou in Guandong Province, and many other scenic areas in China, showcasing Orenda’s “specialty assets + happiness-based operation” mode of business operation. They mark Orenda’s transformation from a “Happiness Service Provider” to a “Membership-based Healthcare and Happiness Service Provider”
On December 23, 2015, Orenda Jacksonhole held its second Christmas Snow Festival. For this event, Orenda invited Santa Clause himself from the Santa Clause Village in Finland to grace the occasion.
Orenda replicated its “tribal-living based happiness system” in Haituo valley, Beijing.
Orenda was awarded the “2013 Brand of China” by China Central Television (CCTV)
Orenda replicated its “tribal-living based happiness system” at the peak of Wuyun Mountain in Zhengzhou.
Orenda was formally founded (formerly the Love and Joy Club)
The Love and Joy Club was founded.
Philanthropism Charitable Fund was launched.
The Elite International Club was founded to inject cultural operational elements into the American Town and Longbo Shengdi projects.
Introduced programs from The Haven Institute of Canada into China, and founded the China Haven Institute.
Developed the American Town based on the healthcare and happiness-based business concept that later gave rise to Orenda.