Philanthropism Charitable Fund

In 2008, Mr. Xiang Shui launched the Philanthropism Charitable Fund, which was founded out of concern for the mental and physical well being of entrepreneurs. Through the years, there had been neither fundraising nor commercial activities, the fund is driven purely by the desire to improve public welfare. The Philanthropism Charitable Fund is named Bo Ai Fund in Chinese. “Bo Ai” symbolizes a connection between people at an emotional level. The fund is not associated with commercial networking, and Mr. Xiang Shui’s strict adherence to this principle is truly admirable!

Over the past 11 years, Mr. Xiang has been committing at least two months every year to participating in Bo Ai Public Welfare Courses and other related activities organized by the Philanthropism Charitable Fund. He also makes large personal monetary contributions to the fund annually, in order to fund these activities and courses aimed at promoting the holistic wellbeing of entrepreneurs in China. Although it may be hard for us to imagine what personal joys these experiences bring him, we cannot help but admire his devotion to the cause.  According to him, “The statue of Mother Bo Ai in the Psychosomatic Health (Medical) Museum serves as a constant reminder to me to persevere in this endeavor”. To him, these efforts transcend mere display of universal love, they are part of the overall vision and big picture governing entrepreneurs, and are symbolic of the passing down of human wellbeing, happiness and love.

The Philanthropism Charitable Fund is the first public welfare fund dedicated to promoting the holistic wellbeing of entrepreneurs in China. Since the fund was launched in 2008, it has adhered to the principle of “teach a man to fish”, and has organized a range of activities to raise awareness among entrepreneurs on the importance of holistic wellbeing. The fund strives to promote the idea of “love thyself, love others, and love the society”, and has since transformed the lives of tens of thousands of entrepreneurs.

Under the Bo Ai Entrepreneur Holistic Wellbeing System, with increased self-awareness, entrepreneurs began to discover the relationship between their emotional and behavioral patterns and diseases. They learnt to modify these patterns to clear up energy blockages. At the current stage, the Philanthropism Charitable Fund strives to enhance holistic wellbeing by focusing on three aspects, namely, the personal, group relationships and corporate management aspects, and in particular, corporate health. A healthy corporation must be built upon a socially conscious corporate culture, prioritizing quality assurance, according due care and concern to the holistic wellbeing of the employees, refraining from malicious competition, and focusing on positive corporate development. It must start from addressing the three levels in corporate holistic wellbeing, and when these criteria are met, companies should look into embarking on projects that serve the greater good of the society, such as environmental protection, low carbon footprint industries, green industries, etc. when they are ready to do so. In this way, through making differences one step at  a time, from personal → relationships → corporate management → society and the world, the fund hopes to promote universal holistic wellbeing encompassing goodness, naturalness and harmony.






Philanthropism Charity Fund

Entering its eleventh year

Focusing on the holistic wellbeing of entrepreneurs

Leading the movement to spread wellbeing and happiness

Looking towards promoting societal growth, and create a better world filled with goodness, naturalness and harmony

We can foresee that the journey will be long and arduous, but the challenges that lie ahead do not daunt us, we are committed to our cause and will push on with confidence!