Orenda Birch Forest Literature and Art Society

奥伦达部落白桦林文艺社:Ballte Settlement



Slogan: Let the love for Soviet-Russian culture form deep roots in the soils of the Jackson Hole birch forest

The mission of the club is to “play an active role in shaping Jackson Hole’s community culture, and enrich the cultural lives of professionals and amateurs alike”, raise overall quality and appreciation for the artists, enhance the sense of collective pride, and build a harmonious community. Weekly ballet practices, rehearsals and performances, etc. are more than a means to get some exercise, they also serve to help the members enhance their skills, promote interaction among settlement dwellers, facilitate the forging of friendship, add a dash of excitement to the cultural life of settlement dwellers, and enhance the prestige and image of the Jackson Hole society, so as to contribute toward building a harmonious and happy settlement.



The Birch Forest Literature and Art Society had only 15 members when it was founded. Today it has grown to a 40-member society, which includes 26 literary experts.

In the summer of 2014, the society gave its debut performance at the Jackson Hole Art Festival, and staged its first Russian song and dance program "The Five Daughters".

At the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2015, the society performed the musical "Berga Lake" at the opening of the Berga Lake photography tour.

On January 16, 2016, they were invited to perform the ballet “Charm of the Black Swan” at the Owner's New Year's Gala held at Jackson Hole.

In May 2016, the top artistic director of the Birch Forest Literature and Art Society, Professor Gao Huiping, gave postural instruction at the Orenda settlement in Jackson Hole in preparation of the ballet performance for the White Birch Forest Night.

On August 13, 2016, the group staged the “Swan Lake” at the Jackson Hole Teton Grand Ballroom.

On the 6th and 8th of April 2017, they held the first ballet open master.

On the afternoon of April 8, 2017, the Birch Forest Literature and Art Society gave a performance at the White Tents of Jackson Hole, and on September 2, 2017, they performed the dance “Beautiful Life, Alluring Ballet” at the Jackson Hole Teton Grand Ballroom.

On May 30, 2017, the Beijing University Dance Festival was opened at the Beijing Dance Academy and members watched the performances (6th season) put up by the Beijing Dance Academy Creative Workshop.

On September 16, 2017, the society’s large-scale ballet production of “Beautiful Life, Alluring Ballet” wowed audiences at Wuyun Mountain in Zhengzhou.



Since its establishment, the society has grown immensely, and today, it boasts more than 50 members, including 20core members. On the stages of Orenda, the Birch Forest Literature and Art Society has staged many self-written, self-directed and self-produced performances, including: the distinctively Russian "Five Daughters", "Small Road", "Cranberry Blossom", and "The Imagination of Lake Baikal”; elegant and beautiful ballet productions, including: "Swan Lake – Part I", "Charm of the Black Swan", " Swan Lake – Part II"; romantic productions such as the "Birchwood Forest Caprice"; modern ballet productions such as "Love of Hawthorn Tree" and “Speaking Faces, Singing Scores”; and the “Swan Lake” series that was written, directed and performed by members of the choir. These productions were received warmly by the Orenda’s settlement dwellers.