The Orenda Tribe is a membership-based healthcare and happiness service provider. Its characteristic, diversified business model is based on the perfect balance of “Healthcare and Wellness” + “Orenda Settlement Lifestyle” + the “X” factor, and is focused on the development and management of “themed settlement towns”. Its themed towns bring together healthcare and wellness industries + “settlement lifestyle” +  “the X factor (characteristic local industries), and are built upon the principle of  "capital, operational and cultural sharing between the customers and the company”, hence creating a distinct themed settlement model that is being replicated in various places within China and throughout the world. Orenda’s core services comprise world-leading family medicine, settlement culture, as well as small-town lifestyle. These give birth to Orenda’s new business model that integrates healthcare and wellness into everyday small-town life.    


Jointly operated by Orenda’s four main business groups

Orenda prides itself as the first membership-based healthcare and happiness service provider.  It is supported by its Healthcare Industry Group, Town Life Operation Group, Town Construction Group, as well as the Synergy Investment Fund Management Group, thereby bringing assets management, operation, development and investment together under the same chain management, and giving rise to a diversified business model.


Healthcare Industry Group
Orenda founded the world's first Psychosomatic Health (Medical) Museum, simultaneously deploying preventive medicine, precision healthcare and rehabilitation, as well as medical green passages, and integrating German Medical Training Therapy (MTT), Psychology and Neuroimmunology (PNI), Traditional Chinese Medicine, new natural diet, energy therapy, high-end health checks, Cooper lifestyle and other advanced global medical resources. Led by a world-leading international hospital, and backed by Taiwan Philanthropism Chuanghua Christian Hospital’s medical service system, Orenda is committed to help its members resolve their health problems through medical resource sharing and integration, supported by the green passage network of top hospitals and joint consultation provided by a global team of psychophysical experts.

Town Life Operations Group
Orenda is the world’s first healthcare and happiness service provider, and its Town Life Operations Group is responsible for developing its healthcare industry, targeting body and soul wellness, firmly based on its business mode, which comprises “characteristic assets”  + “happiness-oriented operation”, as well as planning, operating, developing, replicating and exporting Orenda’s settlement culture-based business operation.

Town Construction Group
The Town Construction Group is wholly responsible for developing and managing the small town construction projects. With more than 20 years of experience under its belt, the group has acquired professional operation and management capabilities in various aspects, including preliminary land acquisition, product research and development, and construction, etc.

Synergy Investment Fund Management Group
The group launched the "Synergy Investment Fund", and is responsible for the administration, investment, management and withdrawal of the fund. The group makes strategic investments and conducts financial investment management for its investors. It has become China's leading small town construction and living fund management agency. On July 2, 2014, Synergy Investment Fund was formally approved for registration as a “Private equity fund manager” by the China Securities Regulatory Commission and China Securities Investment Fund Association. Since then, it has been carrying out private equity investment, venture capital investment and other fund investment businesses as a financial institution.



The Core of Orenda’sBusiness Operation- Healthcare + Settlement culture


Sharing – The Key to the Continuous Upgrading of Orenda Settlements


Capital sharing

Our members become Limited Partners (LP) in our business projects. The LPs invest in the projects, which are operated by Orenda as General Partner (GP).


Operational sharing

As operational partners in Orenda’s business projects, members will entrust their personal fixed assets to Orenda, which will manage these on their behalf. Any profits derived thereof will be shared among the members (operational partners).


Cultural sharing

Our members play a significant role in creating the authentic Orenda culture. All original IP’s created by the members will be entrusted to Orenda for business planning and management. All profits derived from such original IP content shall be shared among Orenda’s members.